Oh NO!

NeWs 4 2Day...

- "HARga ToL " predicted increase, the increase will b started tis suNday...Surely all MAlaysian will be damn Angry wit tis news....like usually people will never b satisfied wit everything....huhuh..but for me, its ok to increase the toL Price because nowaday petrol price is much affortable for every body, so why not increase the price of tol...it sould not be affecting the financial too much right...wut do yoU guys think..hhmmmmm....tp yang pasti N mesti tension...hihih..lpz x leyh la die berulang alik g kolej....huhuh

A part of pOlitic sudah sEmestinyer piHAk pembangkang Akan mengunakan isu ini untuk mengulingkan kerajaan yang Sedia ada.....Wait n c...hehehe...eventhough im not the kinda of person who cares bout politic, but yet sooner or later i have to decide which one have a right to rule my counTry..."UnDi adaLAh RahSie"...

Hmmm...i almosst forgot to thank mR lee..Sebab hr nie mR lee blanje mkan...yey..save duit...hik3..

4 your all info, mR lee sgt baek, die la yang slalu Help me Biler i NeeD Help..Oh ya, today terlepas ckp lak kat Mr lee Yang L ad blog....huhuh...Mr LEE Plz dont tell V about tis...hihih

cakap Psal V,Semalam ad ke patot die KAsi kteorg suoh bwat Kajian kemunngkinan yang memerlukan MAsa yang banyk... padalal die tau i ve an assigment to be submited tis march...but yet he still want me to do the feasibility study..OmG..its definately pist me off...

V oh V,aaarrrrgggghhhhhh~


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